Are you staying on Bonaire for more than a month? Use our long-term deals for scooters. We do also have e-bikes, MTB’s and fatbikes for rent per month.


The price for a scooter for one month is 400 USD, two months is 350 USD (per month) and from three months the rental price is 300 USD (per month). 

An e-bike or MTB is always 300 USD per month.


All long-term scooters come with a sturdy chainlock, third-party liability insurance and roadservice (including a replacement scooter).


The scooter is always insured with a third-party liability insurance. For 100 USD extra per month you can take the all-risk insurance. This includes theft insurance and no costs in case of damage to the scooter.

The bicycle servicepackage costs 100 USD per month.


We have limited availability. Make sure you reserve your scooter ahead of time to make sure you have a long-term deal.


The deposit is 300 USD. You can bankwire this to our bankaccount in the shop or leave it cash.

When you return the scooter you will get your deposit back immediately. It is also possible that your parents transfer the deposit to us.

early return

Did something unexpected happen and you have to go home early? We can always end the contract earlier. We will calculate the normal rental price.