Mtb route

With a mountain bike there are beautiful trails to cycle in the area of Kralendijk. There is a beautiful route to cycle with an MTB on Bonaire for both the beginner and the experienced cyclist. You can explore the hills of Rincon with your mountain bike, but also the vast countryside (Kunuku) via the so-called Kunuku trails. The next MTB route (intermediate/advanced) goes through the Bolivia nature reserve.

As a rental company of (electric) mountain bikes, we are often asked about suitable routes. The routes are not signposted, so it can be difficult to navigate. Blue stones have been placed in the past to help cyclists with the route. Volunteers regularly prune the paths on these routes. The tricky thing is that once you have missed a stone, you cannot quickly find your way back. Our advice is therefore always to load a route via your phone. For example via Strava: some interesting routes are shown in this blog. Of course it is also possible to explore the island on your own. You can drive down the Kaminda Jato Baco to approach the off-road areas of Bonaire. Or hit the sandy paths halfway up the Kaminda Lagun.
Are you done cycling and do you want to go back to the urban area? Cycle west at any place on the island to reach civilization again.

Go well prepared. Depart on time (early in the morning) to be able to finish at the end of the morning. You can hardly find a place to buy drinks outside urban areas. So make sure you have at least a few liters of water with you. Scooters Bonaire’s mountain bikes are equipped with a bottle cage and we offer free cold water in our store. Due to the many thorns, tubeless tires are a must. All MTBs from Scooters Bonaire are tubeless, small holes are automatically closed by the sealant in the tires.

The Hills of Rincon (beginner)
Do you fancy a nice bit of climbing? Then cycle through the hills at Rincon. The trip on the paved road to Rincon (north road) is a nice warm up with a few small hills. Once you have arrived in Rincon, there is a beautiful route of more than half an hour of cycling with a few nice climbs. The route can also be started from Landhuis Karpata, it is best to cycle via the tourist road (southern route to Rincon) to reach this point. You then go back via the northern route from Rincon to Kralendijk.

Cycling in the National Park (intermediate)
From Scooters Bonaire, located in the center of Kralendijk, it is 21 kilometers by bike to the entrance of the National Park. Arriving at the park, the adventure begins. Once in the park you can no longer buy water so make sure you stock up on some water in Rincon. The main route through the park is just under 24 kilometers. It is worth considering renting an electric mountain bike. With an E-MTB from Scooters Bonaire you can cycle with support from Kralendijk to the National Park in Rincon and back. You can then go completely wild on the route in the park itself.

Duo Xtreme (advanced)
Every year an MTB competition is organized on Bonaire by the Xtreme Sports Bonaire foundation. This competition is known as Duo Extreme Bonaire, is ridden in duos and takes place in September. Volunteers make the path passable prior to the route. The routes are published on Strava and can therefore be cycled all year round. The routes of last year are shown below.


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